Pippin Ross goes wherever it takes to get a story. Experience has taught her that what looks mellow and easy often isn’t—when you dig. This young, lovely couple on a pristine beach in Aruba told her a dark and ugly story about how Arubans, the people who live on and care for the island, are becoming outcasts of the booming tourism trade.

She listens and watches. She never goes into a story with a pre-arranged plot. She knows the only way to get the real story is to ask: Who/What/When/Where/Why and always—how?

A good example? Interviewing the tribal chief of Massachusetts’ Wampanoag tribe, she finally got him to say, “Casino Gaming profits truly go to the super rich who own and run the casinos. Gambling has helped Native americans on a level equal to the ways it has hurt us.’ How did she get him to say that? Listening and asking two simple questions: Why? and—-Really?

Again, the question is why? Why are so many people suffering from addiction and poverty being put into prison when it would be a whole lot cheaper to simply help them get clean? That’s the question she asks yet another state representative. The answer she keeps receiving? We need people like you to do more stories about what’s really going down, that’s the answer!

She always finds the source. Being ‘Green’ may be the ‘in’ thing to claim that you are as a business. But this man, Ewald Beimans, built a very swank, completely environmentally hotel resort 30 years ago. “People thought I was completely out of my mind to spend money on being completely solar and sustainable. Now? The last laugh is on me because oh boy, do I save a lot of money on the energy they pay for that’s ruining the places people pay to visit!’

She’s a great reporter. She always has been.